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The upcoming transition on the Ethereum network to a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism creates a novel set of incentives, particularly for those wishing to stake their ether in order to generate a yield. In what follows I will briefly highlight why the market for staking ether can be…

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A philosophical argument for why Bitcoin maximalism is a religious movement

TLDR: In lieu of a specific definition for a religious movement, nine characteristic features of a religion are identified. It is demonstrated that seven of these features are observed in the Bitcoin maximalist community. Several additional similarities are also highlighted between the maximalist community and traditional religious movements. …

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A game-theoretic introduction to norms and collective behaviour

TLDR: Societal norms can be described in terms independent rational agents acting to satisfy preferences. Important distinctions may be drawn between different kinds of collective behaviours given one’s beliefs and desires. …

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An introduction to game theory and collective action problems

TLDR: All social interactions can be modelled and described using an apparatus of game theory. Some social interactions are structured such that each individual is motivated to act so as to undermine the interests of the collective, of which they are a member. These situations are called “collective action problems.”…

William Ridge

PhD student studying Ethics, Evolution, and ₿itcoin

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